Wednesday, November 7, 2012

On the Road to Corregidor

So, all that's left is the hand-wringing and the internecine recriminations.

My friend Dan Peterson offers his lament here, wherein he posits that, had the so-called "mainstream media" held Obama's feet to the fire over the largely suppressed Benghazi affair, things might have turned out differently.

In retrospect, I don't believe media coverage of the Benghazi affair would have made any difference, nor do I believe Romney would have been any better off attempting to make the Benghazi affair a more prominent issue in the campaign. 

We blithely deceived ourselves that the pre-election polls were skewed on account of their assumptions about the composition of the electorate.  The election itself has proven, beyond any reasonable doubt, that the electorate of the United States is, in fact, permanently altered such that neither Mitt Romney nor any other candidate espousing similar principles could possibly be elected. 

We vainly hoped to persuade the country that we were standing at some portentous fork in the road.  The simple reality -- seen so much more clearly today than yesterday -- is that the fork in question was passed long ago.


  1. Agreed. As Yogi Berra said, "When you come to the fork in the road, take it." With about that much thought, Americans have reelected Obama. That indeed indicates that the fork was passed and we are on the road to entitlement heaven, but some body has to pay for it...

    1. There is no one to pay for it. Our unfunded liabilities are already in the neighborhood of $100 trillion! ONE HUNDRED TRILLION!

      Had Romney been elected, we might have been able to set foot on a course to get out from under this mountain of debt, although it still would have required more than the possible eight years of a putative Romney presidency. With Romney, we had a very remote, but still somewhat possible, itty bitty chance. With the reelection of Obama, that last slim chance has slipped through our fingers. Now insolvency is inevitable. It will happen -- and much sooner than you appear to be able to appreciate.

      And when the federal government loses its ability to pay its bills ... well, I don't think you've stopped to really contemplate the frightening and virtually immediate consequences. Suffice it to say that what we are now seeing in the areas hit by Hurricane Sandy -- the lawlessness, looting, etc. -- is merely a faint harbinger of what will occur in the heavily populated urban areas of the United States when the federal government loses the capacity to enforce the laws of civilized society.